WELCOME to UFOContact.com

Welcome to UFOContact.com!

I'm Kosta Makreas, Co-founder of UFOContact.com and Founder of the "Global HICE ET Contact" Initiative (Human Initiated Contact Experience).

So, why have you come here and what may we offer to you?

We believe you are one of the 2 out of 3 people worldwide who accept the fact or are open-minded about the fact that our planet is currently being visited by UFOs...and that governments everywhere have been covering this up!

We believe that you also can accept the fact that the ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence piloting these Star Craft are benevolent and are eager to cooperate with us to create a magnificent New Civilization.

We also believe you might be interested in being taught how to intelligently and lovingly *contact* our ET friends.

So then what can we do for you?ufocontactlogo

At UFOContact.com, above all, we provide you the opportunity to be are part of a growing worldwide movement which welcomes, initiates and follows through on UFO Contact.

In short, it is time for Humanity to solve its problems but also to know that it has the assistance of Galactic Civilizations who offer their help.

We will teach you how to make this ET Contact and welcome you into our worldwide social community which is already doing this. You can make friends with individuals and groups in our community who are like-minded.

We offer you the teachings of world-renowned educators, a UFOContact app for your iOS or Android smartphone, retreats for connection and contact, a social community, coordinated monthly "Global HICE ET Contact" events, webinars to stimulate your thoughts, and more!

We offer you the richness and promise of the future - a future where we bring peace, free energy, healing miracles, an end to poverty, hunger and militarism on Earth.  This is because we reach out to each other and to the Galactic Civilizations who have solved these problems and who, as elder sisters, brothers, cousins - family - offer their assistance to help us transition to a healed and positive world we all want.

I am fond of saying that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

And at UFOContact.com we are doing just that.  Join Us!

Kosta Gus Makreas
Kosta Gus Makreas
Kosta Gus Makreas is a co-founder of ETLetsTalk.org and the founder of the "Global ET Contact Initiative" and "The People's Disclosure Movement". Currently his passion is creating and nurturing a global citizens movement which contacts benevolent Star civilizations visiting the Earth. This movement seeks to empower individuals and groups to interact with these ET Beings and moreover to co-create with them a positive planetary transformation - a New Earth of peace, abundance, and justice.
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