UFO Contact Summer Retreat 2014

UFO Contact Summer Retreat 2014There are less than 2 months left until our first UFO Contact retreat to be held just outside of Toronto, Canada!

We're pleased to announce a number of new package options which will allow many more to take part in this event.

Toronto is less than a day’s drive or 1 hour’s flight from over 140 million people in North America.

There are 3 and 4-day all-inclusive residential and non-residential packages.
 Single and double occupancy are available but space is limited.  
There are special discounts available for students/under 30s.  
Group rates available.


Our retreat is led by a group of outstanding mentors with a mutual vision of creating an expanding vibrant ET contact community!

Join us as we learn, share and grow together in understanding the reality of our Star Visitors' presence.

The retreat will focus on Humanity's evolving conscious awareness and how ETI is engaging us as we move forward at this pivotal time.

This conference retreat is planned as an interactive experience including three nights of contact under the stars.  Contributing (Galactic) members to www.UFOContact.com receive an additional discount on the price of the package you choose.

It is through Community and Teamwork that together we hasten the day of First Open Contact!

Our Sincere Thanks go out to our growing list of supporters:

Colin Andrews:  www.colinandrews.net 
Stephen Bassett:  http://paradigmresearchgroup.org/conferences.html 
Grant Cameron:  http://www.presidentialufo.com/ 
Darin Crapo:  http://ufoplanet.4u2ctv.com/
Conspiracy Culture:  http://www.conspiracyculture.com/
Chris Russek:  http://www.modernknowledge2014.com/ 
Richard Syrett:  http://richardsyrett.com/9-front-page-this-week-items/19-past-guest 
Victor Viggiani:  http://zlandcommunications.blogspot.ca/

An Affiliate Program is now available for you and your website.  Contact us to at "info@ufocontact.com" to learn more!



Kosta, Danny, Laurie, Jonathan - your UFOContact.com Ground Crew

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    Additionally, humans throughout history have also been their own worst enemy constantly preventing one another from
    creating a global utopian society based on love and universal enlightenment.
    The spirit of Stephen Ward stated back in 1967 that these visitations
    from other worlds are benevolent and are for a very definite purpose.

    They know the past and maybe even some future events.

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