The World’s Peoples Disclosure will be televised!

peoples disclosure movement not televisedThe World’s Peoples Disclosure will be televised! But not on commercial TV.  

By: Dr. Joe Burkes 

The popular notion of "Disclosure" I imagine is like the "deus ex machina" plot device in the ancient Greek theater. That was when the gods appeared in the final act and set everything right.

In what might be viewed as a "co-dependent" mind set, those who seek UFO truth appear to want an authority figure like the President, the Pope, or the head of the UN to end the lies, disinformation, denial and arrogant ridicule we have been subjected to for over a half century.

On the other hand a hope is arising among certain UFO investigators, those who are going out into the field and attempting to interact with UFO intelligence, that a different type of disclosure scenario is more probable. Perhaps an appropriate title would be a "World's Peoples Disclosure". It might be an event in which dozens of contact teams are linked to the Internet via web cams and are videoing UFOs as they signal at us with powerful flashes of light. Is such a thing possible? Maybe not now, maybe not in decade.

On the other hand we are now at the 40th anniversary of the contact movement know as Mission Rama. If teams of experiencers, like the young people of Mission Rama in 1974 who claim that they were taken aboard UFOs actually took place in Chilca and then again in Paititi Peru, then maybe the above plan for a World’s Peoples Disclosure is not so radical after all.

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  • Julio Barriere

    Hi I have a fleet of Ufos that have been following me around for years. I have just sent out my payment for the star dust conference. I made reservations with the airlines, hotel and rental car. I hope for clear night skys this coming weekend of April 25-26-27, 2014. I want to show that party doing the CE-5 that weekend this fleet of Ufos that follow me. Thank you Julio M. Barriere

  • Julio Barriere

    I want to report Ufos in a stationary spot every time that I go to the first site of my first CE-5. The location is by the cleopatra needle obelisk in Centrat Park, New York City. It has been a hard bitter cold winter here in New York City and I ask my members of my group that I have gone back to this same first location that my group and myself saw Ufos flying in all directions in Central Park back in August 3rd, 2013. I will try to get my team to go back to that same location when the weather gets warmer so this way they can witness these Ufos appearing in the same location in the sky all year round to determine that these bright lights cannot be of the constellation, stars, ISS, satellites ect. these objects stand out bright across city light polluted skys as another compelling edvidence. Julio M. Barriere

  • jburkesmd

    Thank you Julio Barriere for sharing your enthusiasm about our upcoming conference in Roswell as well as sharing your ongoing contacts. Having grown up in New York City myself I find your work in Central Park of great interest. I grew up in Chelsea and much time in Greenwich Village. I would love to here about contact team activities in NYC as I do hope to visit there in the Fall.

  • peter bion

    I hope this happens soon, there are people who don’t want this to take place. Has anyone heard of Marshal Vien Summers. He is speaking out about a new revelation and how we must all come together. This world is changing and I pray for the better.

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