The True Purpose of ETContact Work

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The purpose of contact work may ultimately have less to do with the so-called "Visitors" and more to do with the spiritual transformation of human consciousness.

The ego, the false self that identifies with form is an entity that masquerades as if it were the center of the universe, “me, mine, my, I”, all those crazy thoughts in the head that only make one feel bad in the end.

So if we want to change the "ugliest" part of our body, i.e. a mind warped by false consciousness, then perhaps we should try meditation and all its splendid equivalents like creating art or music, walking in nature, or simply looking into our children's eyes and letting them truly feel that see them.

If we seek spiritual transformation then these kinds of joyous activities will become more important to us than watching “Dancing with the Stars” or how many pushups we can do to build the "perfect body."

“What's the ugliest
Part of your body?
Some say your nose
Some say your toes
But I think it's

Frank Zappa

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  • Sherry Wilde

    It is the nature of this world to exist in a state of duality…at least it has been. Now we are in the beginning stages of awakening- that is remembering the truth of who we are. The best way to do that- at least for me- has been to observe that part of our mind that is aligned with fear….aka ego. The ego cannot stand to be looked at and will release- even if for just a short period of time, it’s hold on our thoughts. That is what you are suggesting through meditation- simply being present. Since time is only important to the ego and, in truth, does not exist, it is only in the now moment we can transcend our fears.

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