The Inter-dimensional Hypothesis and This Otherness that Experiencers Now Call ET

The Inter-dimensional Hypothesis and This Otherness that Experiencers Now Call ET 

By: Dr. Joseph Burkes M.D


I urge UFO truth activists and especially contact workers to read the works of the great Dr. Jacques Valle and the late great John Keel and to entertain the so-called "inter-dimensional" hypothesis. I understand this may a difficult request.

Having a firm belief in ET visitations is reassuring and makes sense in many ways. It readily explains a mystery that all terrestrial power elites are determined to deny. Nevertheless this topic is of sufficient complexity that the extraterrestrial hypothesis might not be adequate to explain UFOs and all the associated phenomena.

I suggest we should keep an open mind because the universe and the consciousness that is apparently directing it, may be stranger than we can possibly conceive at this early stage of human development.

This is a great challenge for us, to keep an open mind about the ultimate nature of UFO intelligence because I suspect the late great investigator John Keel was correct when he stated that flying saucer intelligence was in the "belief business."

For more on John Keel click on this link

In my opinion each historic period has likely been "worked" by the same force that takes a multitude of guises. What I am suggesting is likely to be a very disturbing notion.

That the wisdom traditions of our planet are the result of interacting with a super-intelligence related to UFOs that we called “the gods” in ancient times and now a majority of people on our planet refers to as “God, the Creator.”

There are those who call this series of historic interactions  "manipulation," as if were something bad, I prefer the term “guidance” and choose to be hopeful.

Unfortunately the UFO subculture in my view is unwilling to fully discuss the tremendous psi capability of what I like to call TOTENCET (This Otherness That Experiencers Now Call ET) and is pronounced,  “toe ten set.”

We should stop focusing on what we imagine are the physical parameters of sightings that in many cases are  "visual displays" as Dr. Valle referred to them in his classic work “The Invisible College.” Instead we should explore both the psi and psychosocial mechanisms of contact in a rigorous manner.

We need to step out of the children’s sandbox that we play in and approach this issue as maturing conscious intelligent beings. If our civilization continues to evolve and avoids self-destruction, then perhaps we may reach a point when TOTENCET (i.e. UFO intelligence) might remove their disguises and show us truly who they are.


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  • jburkesmd

    Contact Scenario: A UFO witness reports strange visitations of non-human beings. While in a dream like state she believes she is repeated taken through the wall of her bedroom and floated into a UFO.

    What is the purpose of the high strangeness aspects of the contact experience? According to noted UFO researcher Jacques Valle the bizarre nature of many contacts may have a number of important purposes.

    First of all they show us that UFO intelligence is totally different from us. They behave as if the rules of time and space, cause and effect are not operational when we encounter them. They are so strange that they appear not to be from some other planet but rather from “another dimension.”

    Valle asserts that UFO intelligence deliberately introduces many absurd elements into contact events and that have a staged quality to them. One direct result of this kind of theater of the absurd is to allow the authorities, media, governmental and academia to ridicule contact experiencers. If this is a deliberate strategy by UFO intelligence what might the purpose be?

    Dr Jacques Valle suggested nearly 40 years ago that one purpose might be to allow our leaders to readily dismiss reports of contact. While at the same time these seemingly absurd occurrences have a profound impact not only on individuals who are being contacted but also just below the surface of our awareness they have a powerful effect on our collective consciousness. Slowly overtime the effect may be to change our existing belief systems. The purpose of UFOs may not be to visit our planet but rather to transform human consciousness!

  • Mastur Spellur

    It’s spelled Vallée 🙂

  • Tony Sandy

    The purpose of this absurdities is not to get the authorities to disbelieve in the occurrences but like Zen koans, to get people to stop getting caught up in a mindset that puts them to sleep i.e. belief in this world and the mind manipulation that the authorities already play on you (This is how it is and you have no alternative but to play our game: Remember the odds are always in the houses favour or there would be no point in getting you to play the game

  • Northwolf

    So James Gilliland of the ECETI ranch might be right after all? He talks about both extraterrestrials and interdimensionals both living here and comming from somewhere else out there. Whilst living here, they have been described as beings who either evolved spiritually to such a high degree that they simply can shift out of our sense ranges, but still live on this planet. Whilst Dr. Greer made some statements in the worldpuja shows that interdimensional beings having once been transferred into our reality and attacking people at a site due to being pulled out of their reality, by Projects like Philadelphia, James talks about these beings actually living here. According to him these beings such as bigfoots are spiritually but not technologically pretty advanced, whilst other beings evolved here on this planet so far, that they are out of our standard range of perception.
    So my guess is that over history beings such as nymphs,sprites,farys, elfs, drows, dwarfs, trolls, sylphs, Valkyries, Succubae etc might be regarded as interdimensionals by todays standards. Now thats’s something to fathom. On the one hand that’s troubling as people don’t know much about these entities, on the other hand it really opens the point of view that multiple dimesions are not simply static things and theories, but worlds teeming with life. Pope Sylvester 2nd had a intimidate contact with a succubus called Meridiana and she explained to him that we harm them without knowing.
    I think the German Prof. Ernst Senkowski made contact with these other dimensions with electronic tools. Whilst he regards these beings as dead spirits, they might be otherworldy beings too. The question is when do these beings want to communicate with the ones of us who mean them no harm?

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