The First Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs

Disclosure is closer than ever.

With U.S. Presidential race contender Hillary Clinton hinting she will look into whether Extraterrestrials are real

“ and have been in contact with governments for decades “    the time couldn't be better for a hearing into the UFO phenomena.

Seven internationally-renowned experts will be panelists for the
ET Disclosure Hearing being held on

Saturday June 25

Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn

Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Panelists include


Travis Walton

Travis Walton



Richard Dolan


Nick Pope

Nick Pope



Stanton Friedman


Grant Cameron


Stephen Bassett #Dislcosure

Stephen Bassett


...and former Canadian Defense Minister


 Paul Hellyer

Victor V

Victor Viggiani

They will be questioned by another panel of Canadian journalists and academics who will challenge the positions of these UFO researchers. Government documents will be presented attesting to Canadian military and NORAD involvement in the tracking of and chasing UFOs.

Further details contact Victor Viggiani 416.801.8056 or 905.278.1238


Ticket Information:



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