Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection 

August 28-31, 2014
Toronto, Canada.

Our First Summer Retreat!

Featuring Daniel Sheehan, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett and Victor Viggiani

Our first retreat took place from August 28-31, 2014 at Cedar Glen,

a year-round outdoor centre just north of Toronto.

We are created an interactive learning, thought-provoking and

entertaining experience for participants building throughout the 4-day event.

Not your usual ‘UFO’ conference.

Our outstanding panel of researchers and educators presented new information detailing the growing awareness of the key role of consciousness in communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Bringing together established and emerging aspects of the UFO phenomena, we explored how our existing paradigm of cultural and society will survive and flourish in the new normal after Disclosure.

Panel Discussions and Audience Q&A in the intimate retreat environment.

Training: Three Nights of Contact Training

Resident retreat packages included 2 or 3 night accommodation, all meals and snacks, all seminars, workshops and Human Initiated Contact Experiences under the Canadian skies! Non resident packages included all meals, seminars, workshops and evening contact sessions!

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