NASA’s Discomfort with Real Science


An Op/Ed article by Jessica Rosalee, in the Guardian Express highlights NASA’s evasive approach when dealing with the issues of UFO/ETI in mainstream media. The irony is that even as they purport to be a science based agency, they allow no room for unbiased research or even discussion. With additional links to the NASA website you can investigate firsthand the ‘official’ statements regarding UFO/ETI. While our community continues our dedicated mission using CE-5 and other avenues to establishing First Open Contact, it is wise to continue to be aware that we are in the vanguard with much work ahead of us. Let’s make sure we are supporting the researchers, writers and journalists who are forging ahead with the truth despite the obstacles.

Reference Articles:

NASA’s (un)Scientific Approach to UFO Study - Jessica Rosalee

Why NASA Hesitates on UFO Research

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  • Northwolf

    Well, NACA (since 1915) which became NASA (since 1958) has been lying to the people for 98 Years. It’s unlikely that they might stop telling lies, at least not without some pressure from somewhere else.

  • Vernon Kerr

    Right, which probably means pressure from “outer space.” You would think that the “powers that be” would be able to see the handwriting on the wall, what with the exponential increase in UFO sightings recently. Hey guys, can’t you see that ET is tired of waiting for you to do what you should have done as per your agreement with the Star Brothers during the Eisenhower Administration? If you don’t want to get caught with your proverbial pants down, you really need to backpedal a bit on this hardline stance. The last Pope did it awhile back. He has covered the church’s bases, now you de facto powers on Earth need to do the same and take the pressure off of agencies like NASA, academia and the press so that they can actually pursue real truth for once.

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