Living in a world run by “sociopaths” is no longer a viable option

We can and will have planetary unity based on peace and justice and not the insane greed and selfishness of the oligarchies that control us. I believe that the UFO question is the key to finding solutions to planetary problems that often seem insurmountable. The challenge is to create a social movement that can accomplish this task sooner rather than later when the damage to our planet and the loss of life will be so much greater.

My logic is as follows. UFOs don't use fossil fuels to fly around Earth as they apparently have been doing for the hundreds if not thousands of years. They use radically different technology that has been labeled “free energy.” If indeed the intelligence behind flying saucers is ET/inter-dimensional in nature, then perhaps this intelligence might be willing to allow us to download into our technological culture the secrets of their propulsion systems under conditions of world peach and cooperation that would insure that such power would not threaten both them and us.

There already exists a kind of secret cold war in which saucers are being targeted by covert corporate/government forces that in the US at least, appear not to be under the control of the President. These groups will need to be stopped as part of the process of building confidence between our civilization and those responsible for the flying saucer phenomenon. So the quest for so-called
“free energy” from the ETs will be need to be a peace movement on a planetary scale and the so called contactees who are having ongoing communication with UFO intelligence will play a vital role in this process.

The hope that such a transformation of our planet is possible has been the source of my involvement with the networks of experiencers that I like to call, "The Contact Underground." If this plan and the sense of mission that is associated with it resonate with you, I urge you to start working towards creating a new kind of social movement to start the process outlined above. This will require healthy organizations whose leaders are driven by a sense of service, humility and dedication to achieve the transformations required to accomplish these difficult task.

As a first step activists will need to break out from the UFO subculture and create a public education campaign not by preaching to the choir here in cyberspace, but by boldly defeating the regime of secrecy, ridicule and denial associated with UFOs. To speak of such a plan to the larger community will require tremendous self-confidence and a solid belief in the merits of this cause. I have such faith. It is my hope that I am not alone.

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