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"While, on the surface it may seem like these UFO agencies are promoting more videos, the result may turn out to be less credibility."

Thanks to Lee Speigel for highlighting how hoaxers and fake reports hurt the truth about the ET presence.
So if you're looking for credibly evidence do your own fact checking! Be diligent. What is the source of the story? Who is reporting?
None of us working towards First Open Contact benefit from unreliable and fraudulent stories being circulated.
Fake videos and ‘maybe’ stories are no better than fairy tales. Be careful what you share.

From Lee Speigel of Huff Post:


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  • Joseph Burkes

    This is really a fascinating question. Thank you so much for raising it at this time. For years in the early 1990s I recall many UFO enthusiasts who were waiting for the best UFO video to appear. Some of us even imagined that the long awaited “proof of ET visitations” might be provided in the a picture. Of course as photo shop and digital imaging advanced, the maxim if it is “too good to be true, then it probably is,,,, untrue” made a lot of sense

    Starting in 1994 UFO intelligence helped me on a path that allowed me to discover that not only do human hoaxers produce imagines that do not represent physical objects, but also the alleged ETs do the same.

    They can produce illusions that are visual displays of shooting stars that move in a zig-zag fashion, fly up instead of falling down, and can even appear on request. This was demonstrated to me in 1994 in a kind of show and tell display of ETI’s tremendous technological capability. During one night of fieldwork in the desert no less than 3 stereotypic “shooting star” visual displays appeared one after another in the exact same section of sky. Each display was of the same brightness, same length of tail, same color, speed of descent and essentially were carbon copies.

    Was an ET spacecraft in Earth’s outer atmosphere firing out meteors to create the display. I assert this is not the case. More likely the visual display was being created at the level of our visual cortex by directly stimulating the occipital lobes, or via the optic nerve by stimulating the retina. Please see the following case reports from my web site that confirm this concept.

    and then several months later ET in a live demonstration showed me how they directly stimulate the optic nerve to create a 3 D hologram

    Granted this is a very strange concept to try and wrap one’s mind around. I am suggesting that some, perhaps even most sightings do not represent physical objects. I suspect that there are those who in their fear and anger, those who promote conflict, might say that this capacity to create illusion is another example of the so-called “alien’s” tendency to “deceive us.”

    In my opinion this is not the case. Illusions simulating shooting stars, or ET craft for that matter do not require live crews to stage the encounter. In other words on a planet obsessed with “national security,” but allows 25 million children to die every year of hunger or preventable disease, ET craft are very probably being attacked and shot-down. If crews are taken prisoner, one shudders at what might be their fate in the hands of the control groups.

    For these possible reasons ETs might want to remotely simulate a physical object in our sensory organs thereby creating a sighting. It might be more than just a way of saving fuel, it could even save lives!
    One universe, one people!

  • Zen Benefiel

    Over the years I’ve met many who claimed contact with ETs and/or sightings of UFOs. I’ve had an extreme interest because of my own experiences of the inexplicable from childhood and more. Joe and Lee have brought up significant aspects of the truth… We each experience it differently. Some people just lie about it. Some report events without discernment.

    ETs seem to present themselves in any way suitable to the experiencer’s perception. We all see things differently, hear things differently and pay attention to things differently. What determines consistency?

    We have the capacity to simply observe and report. Even with that capacity, many still report fearful experiences because of the inability to cognate non-linear and non-local events. Otis Carr warned his pilots of such things. Jim Penniston’s account of his encounter reflects much the same. The mind is nearly incapable of managing a non-linear or non-local event.

    The fact is these experiences cross dimensions we literally know little or nothing about to date. What has consistently been presented is a state of consciousness, beyond the understanding of human intelligence, yet nevertheless experiencable by those who encounter what we tend to call extraterrestrial intelligence. The language of contact is noticeable. What I mean by that is a discernible manor of communication is evident in those who’ve really had contact. It is unmistakeable.

    What might help to discern the truth is how the intention of the message is presented. It takes a little more willingness to investigate beyond cursory notions. How does it affect our equilibrium or harmony? Is it really about ‘seeing’ something or ‘sensing’ something?

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