How UFO Intelligence Communicates

Dr. Joe Burkes M.D.

In a March 2014 Global Contact Report on the ET Lets Talk community forum, a write up regarding nighttime fieldwork from a Scandinavian team mentions a magnetic anomaly observed during this month’s contact work. After meditating in the cold at an outdoor table, a smart phone with a magnetometer app signaled that there were higher levels of flux around the table. Several times the hand held device was moved away from the table and the magnetic levels decreased; then simply moving the phone back to the table area was associated with the magnetometer alarm going off again.

Does UFO intelligence use magnetic fields to communicate with experiencers?
From my work as a UFO contact investigator I would have to answer the question, “Probably they do.” The following narrative illustrates this point.The day after Christmas 1993 I had missing time after doing fieldwork in Joshua Tree National Monument. While driving back to Los Angeles my teammate, “Misha” and I had a very strange experience involving a compass that appeared to spin in response to questions. This sounds pretty weird I know, but in a sense we were prepared for this because after a previous investigation in the high desert, an inexpensive compass mounted on the console of my coworker’s Nissan Maxima spun erratically as the vehicle was being driven back to LA.

desert mountain hwy

On December 26th 1993 as we were speeding across Southern California at 65 miles per hour, Misha and I again noted the compass spinning round and round. At that moment we were unaware of the missing time experience. On a lark we decided to attempt to communicate with any possible unseen intelligence that might be responsible for the anomalous behavior of the compass. We stated our intention out loud. “Who or whatever you are, please respond to our questions with either a spin meaning, “yes,” or no spin meaning “no.” “ To our amazement it repeatedly “answered” a series of questions with spins. The “answers” were delightful and apparently consistent in that the same question got the same response, a spin or no spin on repeat questioning.
Our “dialog” went as follows as documented on the web link

Hwy 62

Q. Do you want Misha to go on board (an ET spacecraft?)?
A. Immediate and strong spin, “yes!”
Q. Did you create a flying saucer sighting over Misha’s mother’s house so that his family would support Misha in CSETI research?
A. Immediate and strong spin,” yes!”

Q. Did you further help him by assisting a change in Renata’s frame of mind to have a more positive attitude about ETI and CSETI’s contact work?
A. “Y”
(Both Misha and I both were running into some pretty heavy flack from our mates concerning contact work. His wife Renata after several spectacular sightings was more sympathetic to our rather unusual activities. We were obviously hoping for any help we could find.)
Q. Will you do the same for Joe Burkes?
A. “Y”
This reply was a relief for me. Misha and I were not the only contact workers who were experiencing family stress from our weird avocation. This was a common concern for working groups all over the country. Other questions focused on the “entity” that we thought we were communicating with.
Q. “Are you a group mind?”
A. No spinning, “No!” (This was a bit of a surprise to us.)
Q. “Are you an individual mind?”
A. Slow spin, “Y”

Q. “Do we (contact team members and the ETs), share the same consciousness?”
A. Strong and immediate spin “Yes!”
Other questions deemed important focused on the possible nature of the ET group that contact network were interacting with. The “answers” were somewhat surprising. They clearly did not match our expectations.
Q. Do you know Dr. Steven Greer?
A. “No” (We had expected a resounding “yes!” After all we had anticipated that everybody who is anybody in the universe should know the renowned contact investigator who had founded our CSETI network.)
Q. Do you know Steven’s friends? (his ET contacts)
A. Slow spin “Yes”.

Despite our sleep-deprived state having been up all night doing fieldwork, both Misha and I had the wisdom to repeat several of these questions at different times during the “interview.”

Always we received the same “answers” in the form of spin, or no spin of the compass. Whatever was going on in the moving vehicle, at least there was apparent reproducibility of the strange interaction with the compass. This bolstered our hope that we were not complete victims of chance and wishful thinking.

The energy used to create this interactive "dialog" apparently was strong enough to demagnetize the credit cards in the wallet of my co-worker. They were in his jacket just a few inches away from the spinning compass. According to Misha, none of the magnetic stripes functioned after we arrived home. In contrast my credit cards in the car’s trunk about 6 feet away from the compass were not affected by the magnetic field that caused the compass to rotate. In my judgment this type of focused magnetic energy field is just one more example of the virtuoso psi and physical technological skill of an unseen intelligence associated with UFOs.
In conclusion those who are willing to peacefully interact with UFO intelligence, should be aware of these anomalous events in which magnetism can play a rather surprising role.
I will be one of the speakers at the Stardust Conference in Roswell April 25th to 27th. There many exciting stories from the Contact Underground will be shared by the co-authors of the book Paths to Contact edited by Jeff Becker. For more details see.

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