chakras in man on earth


Creating a Contact Experience with ET Intelligence is easier than you may think.
In fact it’s all about how you feel;

Learning to move past possible fear to having an open heart ready
to welcome engage, make contact and connect with our Star Visitors.

Your first ET contact experience may be made on you own; but through our UFO Contact community
you are joining together with thousands of individuals and teams in the vanguard of this new paradigm.


Some Suggestions on How To Make ET Contact:


1. ET Experiencers can and do experience contact anytime, in many ways, so start with a place that you feel safe and comfortable.


2. To make contact in group or team, visit our UFOContact community map,
where you will find those who would like to be part of the coordinated monthly contact effort. 

Our membership is in the vanguard of the global contact mission and you’ll find people who share your enthusiasm and respect for this work.


3. During our monthly Contact events, you may choose to be consciously aware of the other contact teams during your meditations and may wish to link up heart-to-heart with them through your group visualizations.
Then with love also include our Star Visitors as you invite them to connect with you at your location.
You can visualize your location on Earth as it would appear from space as you invite the ETs to join you.


4. Become aware of allowing your consciousness to expand through your mediation with those in your team or others on our planet to create a unified energetic reaching out to our Star Visitors.
As you feel yourself reaching beyond contact to connection you may wish to ask our ET friends, questions such as:
What we can do in cooperation with them to bring about a healing for our planet Earth and Universal Peace on Earth?


5. Although it is always exciting to have a night time sighting of a craft, as contact workers we should be aware that ET contact can come in many ways. ET Experiencers often report ET contact as an awareness of a presence during a contact session, through various physical sensations, in the lucid dream state. Telepathic messages are often part of the experience, also synchronized messages through natural of mechanical means, or you may experience electrical or magnetic phenomenon that seems to speak directly to your intention to make ET contact.


6. Allow the interactions to flow naturally and develop naturally.
Connection may take time, but if you're feeling called to do this work, with commitment and by trusting the process, it will happen.


7. Please Share Your Experiences on the Forum. Contact is what this community is about! Others will greatly benefit from hearing about your
process. We’d love to hear about your experiences.


8. Please contact us at if you wish to share your pictures and videos with our partners at the YouTube Channel, UFOPlanet.