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"I remember the moment in my life when things like this began to be important to me. I was about 5 years old, I started realizing what the stars were. That is, that the stars are not little twinkly lights in the sky, but that the level of consciousness on our planet considers them to be that, paying virtually no attention to them. I began that night a process of trying to then get out every single night that I could and sit and watch the stars appear. My world changed at that point; away from the kind of hustle and bustle, and apparent reality of our everyday lives into an entirely different, more contexted reality. Each night I would pick out a star and just sit there as it pulsed, its energy to us and I would, experience the fact that there were planets, round that star. And that there were people on those planets. And being in the presence of that reality began to transform my life. It transformed my life a way that has caused me to do what I do. Because it is perfectly obvious that this what you would do; and it isn’t obvious to people who don’t think like that, that is to be in the presence of the other beings in our Universe because we get trapped in a completely artificial reality structure here on our planet."-
Daniel Sheehan 1995 'ETs and Human Spirituality'

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