ET, Aliens and the Government’s Slow but Steady Move to the Truth

storymaker-space-how-aliens-can-find-us-1111086-514x268Many of us who consider ourselves in direct contact with ET may find the need for any official governmental disclosure of  ET Intelligence engaging Humanity an irrelevant point.

In fact our need to connect with our Cosmic Visitors usually transcends any artificial political barriers.  Thus it is easy to lose sight of what a small and mostly closed community in which ET contact workers actually function. 

At least that was the case until recently....After decades of scorn and ridicule; when admitting to a UFO sighting or openly declaring a belief in 'aliens' or life beyond our own Earth could instantly label you at best a little weird and at worse possibly insane, the shift in consciousness of the mainstream population may finally be at hand.

"With only seven workdays left between now and the end of the first session of the 113th Congress, a full House committee has found time to hold a hearing on extraterrestrial life."

Also in the article from HuffPost, we see the results of the poll numbers of Americans' opinions regarding the existence of ET life or more commonly know as 'aliens'.  The numbers of believers is not so slowly inching upwards.

A full 50 percent now feel free to assert their belief in life beyond Earth with a further 33 percent 'not sure'.

So what does that mean to us beyond simply a poll on a page?  Well for starters the idea that somehow if the government shares the truth regarding the reality of extraterrestrial life, that people will be shocked and won't be able to handle it, pretty much goes by the wayside.

Now with a full 83 percent of the American population clearly no longer surprised by the idea that ET is, or is probably real, perhaps what is closer to the truth is that not only would people not be shocked, but rather the fact of the ET presence is already taken for granted.

Hollywood has done an impressive job of bringing possible  extraterrestrial scenarios to our modern lives. Of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time, 4 of them have ET themes with Avatar holding the #1 position Avatar

That governments lag far behind or are largely oblivious to what their constituents need, want or believe is hardly newsworthy.  For most people who are not engaged in the UFO/ET communities, life is just all consuming with making ends meet in order to have a bit of comfort beyond life necessities.

A need to understanding the paradigm-shifting, life-altering ramifications of the disclosure of ET life hardly figures into day to day life.

NASA has earned a pretty bad reputation within the UFO community as far as being the extension of the shadow government which withholds or disseminates UFO/ET related information in a way to control and manipulate the masses. 

However the slow leak of 'scientifically-approved', mainstream-media-worthy and governmental-endorsed information seems to be now moving ever more gradually towards full throttle mode.

Also this week there was an announcement regarding the discovery of water on at least 5 exo-planets by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope:

One doesn't have to dig to deep into the layers in this article to discover these remarks:

"Although scientists continue to debate the application of his formula as well as alternatives, Drake's own solution to the equation is 10,000 civilizations, suggesting intelligent, technologically advanced life outside our planet is common."



Which brings us to the relevance  and importance of the work of contact workers, UFO/ET researchers and all the brave pioneers and persistent souls who have and continue to work tirelessly to inform, and promote the truth regarding the reality of the ET presence connecting with us on our Earth.

The nature of the mission has confined the work to being mostly an individual passion.

What an eternal debt of gratitude will mankind in the 'post-Disclosure world' owe to the likes of Steven Greer, Stephen Bassett, Richard Dolan, Daniel Sheehan, Grant Cameron, Colin Andrews, Stan Friedman, Carol Rosin, Paola Harris, Victor Viggiani, Paul Hellyer, John Mack, Linda Moulton Howe, and's own Dr. Joe Burkes and Kosta Makreas. (please add any others we might have missed, but you feel are important to acknowledge in your comments.)

We are aware of the enormous contribution of the work of Rahma in Central and South America to the larger global consciousness of the ET presence.

Despite the obvious clash of personalities and differences of opinion regarding the details of contact, without their relentless tenacity would there be any motivation for the big reveal?

While the presence of ET on Earth can be cited throughout humanity's limited visual and written documentation of Earth's history, the 'alien' presence in modern times largely dates to the 1940's.  So, in fact it is only now that we begin the current 2nd generation of discovery and investigation of our star visitors presence.

We are now in the age of instant personal and global communication and a largely 3 day news cycle.  We are all open books, we are all being watched, our lives are tracked.  Anyone with even a basic knowledge of computer function can easily hoax and deceive the public, but the big but, is the truth does in fact seem to be rising, and winning.

The blinkers are coming off and the veils are indeed lifting, yes too slowly for many of us who have waited far too long for a global awakening, but the signs and clues are everywhere.  The Truth is running out of places to hide.  Contact workers and those knowledgeable and prepared regarding the ET presence can play an important role in this era of gradual dissemination of information coming via the mainstream.

etlt logo
At ETLet' we know our mission works best when we stay largely focused on substantive evidence regarding our ETI encounters and how it is shared, while being open to all possibilities of how ET connects to us.
Each one of our administrative team is indeed an on-going contactee.

We know personally the dedication and commitment that this work has inspired and demands. We put in endless hours to bring to our global audience only impeccably researched and documented relevant information. is the largest network of contactees and contact workers on our extraordinary blue marble of a planet.

Our dedicated individuals and groups world-wide make contact daily and in a global effort monthly  through our Global CE-5 program and use of our member map, at a time near the New Moon to take advantage of darker skies. Each member is a vital and essential part of the whole.

The new year will see an even further expansion of our outreach, via new partners and a much improved and functional website. We are aware of our responsibility as a credible and approachable resource as we move with certainty to the time of First Open Contact.

Please join us on if you're new to this incredible ride, or wish to share your support for our common mission.

We look forward to having you on board.



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  • Pete

    Thank you for the encouraging article. Field workers need to hear good news life that.

  • Cary Dickey

    I am convinced that full disclosure is right around the corner. Thanks goes to this blog, and all of those contactees, abductees, and researchers who had the courage to come forward and share their experiences and information with the public, despite ridicule, and spying on them by certain elements of the government whose primary goal was to suppress this information. As a fellow contactee, I personally, thank all of you!

  • rob

    my daylight sighting left me cold and affraid what i saw was a black geodesic sphere emerge form a bright red light not 200 feet above the ground . it rotated on its axis oriented its self norh , and flew silently out of view looked like some kind of probe

  • Bob Sherman

    Things are indeed getting interesting. Lets Go Disclosure!

  • Bob Sherman

    It is indeed very exciting to be alive today to usher in and welcome the ERA OF DISCLOSURE.
    I was a History/Sociology Major at San Diego State, graduating in 1973. I became a member of the National Investigations Committee on UFO’s, shortly after graduation. Dr. Frank Strangess was the leader and he supposedly befriended Valiant Thor who was the subject in the publication, “Stranger At The Pentagon.”
    By utilizing the techniques supplied by this website, I have been able to have 3 CE5 experiences., one with another individual. The recent news that the probability that we are alone in this universe is almost impossible.
    With the recent 50 yr anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, we have all become used to the fabrications that mainstream media wish to convey to us. This coup unfortunately led to the horrible Viet Nam War fiasco. The official interpretation of the events of 9/11/01, The Twin Towers attack by “Al CIAda” did not even investigate the third tower that fell that day.
    Thank goodness for all the work and support the Disclosure movement has gained.


    Posted 12.05.13 on Alfred Lambremont Webre III & Exopolitics


    We understand the equivalent of what Steven says in his announcement/ proclamation regarding a form of protecting privacy of or anonymous quality being forced upon (us) by very real restraints of what seem to be driving this ‘movement’ and what are laying down ‘rules’ of this movement.
    So many of us were here before this ‘movement’ and actually gave birth to it. We disagree unanimously that we should be suppressed. The dictates are a current of undermining of actualities hampering free choice of those ‘contactees’ who regard themselves as ‘forerunners’ and ‘experts’. Those who are doing this are placing a separation between actual ‘Truths’ and control mechanisms being put in place to pace an overall disclosure that would have happened without them anyway. We more than wonder about this – formulating a ‘suspicion’ to this ‘movement’ which is being taken over only because of an actual eventuality of any form of so-called ‘disclosure’. What we want and will have is our availability to express our experiences. You once told me that this mechanism of (utilizing your) control and ‘your choice’ to be able to ‘choose those certain individuals to be spokespersons representing ‘contactees’, is a necessary counterpart of dispersing or weeding out ‘wierdos’ and ‘trouble makers’. This has to be stopped before it becomes obvious. My evaluation and choice would be to include those citizens who want to express themselves instead of a ‘hand-picked’ group of your choice who you can control from the outset. You are already far into the control mechanism of ‘who’ and ‘how’ you plan to ‘disclose’. These people may not be real. There will be great subterfuge created if those who have had actual and memorable and clear accounts with ExtraTerrestrial Beings are suppressed much longer.

  • Thomas Kortholm
    Thomas Kortholm

    See u tonight? Peace and Light

  • showerbaby

    Okay folks, I have no personal experiences with UFOs, yet my long time research into the sciences, esoteric sources and ancient teachings all confirm that indeed there are endless numbers of off-planet societies located in more that one dimension. That’s a lot of beings! Here’s the problem:

    When researching esoteric sources; channelers, etc., one never really knows who it is they are receiving data from. It could just as easily be a very bad entity masquerading as St. Germain or a insane engineer at HAARP. There is no way to truly know…is there? This conundrum leads to the ET question: How do we really know who we are dealing with. As we all know, every time you peel back another layer of the onion everything changes. I know if I was a ET bad guy I would appear as a good guy. No surprise there. So how do we really know.

    No there are many publications classifying the various ET races and further describing factions of good and bad within them. So again, how do you really know which one you are dealing with? I mean, you wouldn’t want to invite Jeffery Dahlmer in your home masquerading as mother Teresa….would you?

    It seems probable that there is a secret movement within the various world governments spawned by decades of contact. Problem is we are sure contact with which ETs. Lots of ideas regarding this by do we really know.

    I am no so sure that ET”s are our solution …as yet. At the end of the day, our free will and human spirit is what will get it done. Yes we need to evolve and elevate our vibrations but it will be up to us.

    Like to hear some responses on what authentic methods, evidence, and ways of discernment are being used to qualify the ET sources we are trying to contact and develop invitations and relations with. ….any comments?

  • Rob Wold


    Your summary of the progress being made rightfully includes a discourse on the sacrifices many have made. You have also been truthful to include that the dedication to the truth so devoted to this cause has meant that a few of those named may have paid for these firm beliefs with their lives. As these ‘moments of truth’ regarding what is a major influence behind the political impulses of many governments around the world begin to manifest themselves in daily life more and more, let us intend to continue to honor those whose efforts put them on the front lines against those who work to control and deter the world’s populations from the facts which have had major influence in shaping the political, military and even the economic realities of interstellar activity which have taken hold here on the planet we call Earth
    Kosta is familiar with me from earlier writings. I’m glad you have opened this forum to allow us to contact ETLet’s Talk as well.
    More later.
    Rob Wold
    New Orleans

  • Chuck

    I for one would love to hear your 3 CE5 experiences Bob ! 🙂


  • Pierre

    I am adding people that have been missed in the Article…..the People that believed and stood the ridicule of their families and backed all the above named Heros. We are all in it together, and the truth shall set the world and Humanity FREE

  • Zen Benefiel

    I’ve gotten used to and sense there is a certain amount of patience required. Heck, it took 35 years for the turn-around from being diagnosed as a manic-depressive paranoid schizophrenic at 19 to sharing my story with an audience full of clinicians, nurses and doctors who actually wanted to hear it. Presenting at the 2010 annual IANDS conference was a lifetime achievement for me. So, a few more years won’t be a big deal. I see the trending of understanding appearing everywhere, but the ‘regulars’ haven’t gone much past the notion of disclosure or sightings with a bit of telepathic communication yet.

    I’ve just passed my 50-year anniversary from the first time I ‘heard’ the voice that became so familiar over time. Another year and a half to celebrating my first ‘observation’ of being taken up into an orange cigar-shaped cloud. I still have ongoing interactions that I share, but they don’t seem to hold much interest for some reason. I’m not sure what kind of action is necessary, but I’m sure that in time all things will work out. I don’t know if any of you all have had things happen that left you profoundly affected. I’m still looking for those who’ve advanced their own consciousness to the point of constant contact, or at least on-demand, that aren’t psychologically distorted.

    I’m still being guided to certain individuals who have been quite helpful in the process of continuing to provide information like one of the coolest websites for curating Ufology resources… I’m beginning to see teams come together beyond the ego-driven self-aggrandizement of so many predecessors in Ufology.

    I’ve wiped butts and cleaned toilets as well as organized large events that have had many of the folks Laurie mentions as speakers. I’ve had electrodes in my own butt and devices installed in the back of my head as recently as 2010. Talking about that still creates a stiff-arm from even the most renown so-called experiencers and researchers. If I were some deranged psychopath I could see that, but I’ve got two master’s degrees and a solid professional background. In spite of that, the growth in collaborative contact efforts is nothing short of phenomenal and very encouraging from both on- and off-planet cooperatives. We need data and experience for sure.

    For now.. keep up the great work. It’s making a difference for an entire planet. Be patient and have no fear in exploring the unknown. It can be a real rush. Keep in mind there will be practical applications to all of this soon. Assisting a planetary civilization to self-organize is no small task.

  • Rose Gregory

    Excellent blog. This movement brings so much into complete clarity. Thank you dear pioneers for your steadfast efforts for so long. I am blessed to learn from you.

  • Stephen Mather-Lees

    Great blog, Laurie! I have a comment and a suggestion. The Drake Equation is still relevant today but I feel that it needs some further thought in the light of NASA’s recent data from the Kepler telescope. The number of 10,000 intelligent races in our Milky Way is quite low in light of the new Kepler data, and in fact I calculated 850,000 with data that was available 5 years ago, in my book “Who The Bleep Designed Us?”.

    Rather than going into depth on that here, I plan to shortly put up a blog on this site, because it is to me much more interesting to talk about why so many ET races are interested enough to come here and visit us, and I will be putting up numbers that make sense to me that I hope we can all discuss. The potential of all this is that we will have more persuasive arguments for when we talk to others about why we are being visited and why we need to make that important!

    Best to all, Stephen

  • Ron McCormick

    The above author is motivational. What the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved. Some say “seeing is believing”, yet others say “believing is seeing.” There is a vast difference. Thanks for this visionary and documentary statement!

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