Darin Crapo of Planet Plus interview: Calling Occupants Documentary

Darin Crapo of UFOPlanet.tv interviews
co-founder Jonathan Rosenfield
documentary film maker director,  Mitch Fillion,
co-producers of “Calling Occupants”.

The documentary follows a young man and
his friends experiment with human-initiated contact techniques in an attempt to develop
a peaceful relationship with extra-terrestrials.
Along their journey, they attend an ET Disclosure hearing in Brantford, Ontario, Canada
and interview the world’s top UFO researchers, abductees and lobbyist
in an effort to find out the truth behind
the 70 year cover-up regarding the Extra-terrestrial presence engaging our Earth.






Travis Walton

Paul Hellyer

Stephen Bassett

Stanton Friedman

Richard Dolan

Nick Pope

Grant Cameron

Elizabeth April

Bob Mitchell

Mitch Fillion

Jonathan Rosenfield

Laurie Rosenfield

Anna Ruddick

Adam Veselesin

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