CE-5 Beginnings – Amazing Tales From the CONTACT UNDERGROUND

Epiphany, We are not alone. We will be remembered!
Epiphany: A sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something.
Mexico February 1, 1993
We were at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano with Dr. Greer as team leader. Before midnight a faint light could be seen in the sky, moving out between the massive volcanoes to the north. The CSETI Director signaled the million-candle-power lantern towards the light and it immediately changed direction. Now it was moving directly towards us. Soon we could make out a massive triangular shaped object. It was totally silent and blocked out the stars as it approached our position. Dr Greer signaled again as it drew closer. The unknown object responded in kind to his light work, one flash from him, one flash back from the craft, two from his lantern and we clearly received two flashed back in response. A surge of joy erupted from deep within me. One word softly came forth from my lips, “Yes!” I whispered.
My thoughts shot back to the previous decade. It was during the 1980s and the cold war was heating up under the first Reagan administration. Right wing nuclear war strategists in his leadership team advocated a get-tough policy with the Russians. Tensions were building. In response to the threat of nuclear war, an international disarmament movement was growing.
I was “young Dr. Burkes” back then and had just started an internal medicine practice. My wife Yael and I had two young healthy beautiful children at home. I volunteered my time in a public education campaign that was part of “International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.” Twice a month physicians from out local chapter produced an hour-long radio show promoting nuclear disarmament and ending underground atomic weapons testing. The motto of our physicians’ campaign was, “We must prevent what we can not cure. There is no cure for nuclear war!”
Dr. Carl Sagan was part of a group of scientists that studied the potential effects on our planet if hundreds of cities were torched during an all out nuclear war, Clearly civilization, as we knew it would come to an end. My children would never get to grow up. There was even the possibility that smoke from such a worldwide conflagration could block out the sun and result in a new ice age. It was called “nuclear winter.”  In such a dreadful scenario all crops would likely fail, forests and meadowlands would also die out. All mankind might starve and then perish.
Dr Helen Caldicott, the Australian pediatrician that headed our physicians’ movement during her many public addresses asked the following questions. What can be said about a race of beings that are preparing to destroy this beautiful planet that we call home? She speculated that perhaps the Earth is the only planet where intelligent life exists in the universe. If that were so then we might be counted as one of God’s greatest creations. Yet by building thousands of nuclear weapons and deploying them in the air on bombers, under the sea in atomic submarines and down below ground in nuclear missile silos, we were threatening to possibly destroy God’s greatest creations.
So what can one say about a species that is capable of such things? Dr Caldicott told us that it bespeaks of a profound hatred, not only for our planet, but also a hatred of our very selves, against all humanity and God himself. If we are alone in the universe and we completely self-destruct, then no one will be left to remember us. We will be forgotten forever! Art, science, all music, countless gentle poems sweetly recited in a thousand tongues, would all be totally erased. The act of remembering, remembrance itself would be abolished by the consequences of insane hatred.
These were my thoughts while facing the enormous black triangle that had slowed to a virtual hover just a few hundred yards from us. “Yes!” I whispered again and again. We can recklessly choose to take a deadly path. Mankind may even face a terrible end, but we will not be forgotten because we are not alone!
Somewhere far away, perhaps on another star system, non-human children will study the fate of the “late, great, planet Earth. Stories of what we had tried to accomplish will be told. Our hopes, successes and tragic failures will be reviewed. Perhaps ET children will take home the lesion of what happens to a people who chose not to evolve.
Now over 20 years have passed since Dr Greer led our CE-5 team into the Volcanic Zone. The slow and steady growth of the contact movement, alongside the millions of people who are now demanding to know the truth about UFOs, gives me hope that we will continue to evolve. Perhaps future generations will look back and say what an adventure it must have been to live during these exciting challenging times. I suspect that we won’t disappoint them. I think we will make them proud.
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  • rosy s sirius

    Dr Burkes,

    Request your permission to reprint parts of the above blog as an introduction to a chapter either by or about Dr. Greer, his work and the Sirius film.

    Please respons to onepopulation@aol.com

    thank you,

    rose farrington
    publisher, Green Town Earth
    Cloverdale, CA

  • Albert G Nairn

    I find myself content with the finding’s of Dr. Steven Greer and his team . They have gone above and beyond to give us the absolute information, Which is most critical to our existence and future of all mankind. Clearly showing the need for unity among all people, As we are brothers and sisters, That need to stand together in order to evolve. In hope I pray in Jesus name. AMEN.

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