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Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer to reveal contents of secret US Congressional Library UFO files at Canadian conference

Author: Victor Viggiani
Resource: Conscienceness, Daniel Sheehan, ET, ET Intelligence, Events, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett, UFO, UFO Cover-up, UFO Retreat, UFOs, Victor Viggiani
Press Release - For Immediate Distribution August 25.2014 Toronto [ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork has learned that a Toronto based group has managed to obtain the legal services of US Watergate-Pentagon Papers lawyer, Daniel P. Sheehan in an effort to promote their cause to convince the general public and media that not only are UFOs real but information about the existence of UFOs has been sequestered […]

Great Minds Agree: Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection

Author: Laurie Rosenfield
Resource: Best Evidence, Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure, Conscienceness, Contact Worker, Daniel Sheehan, disclosure, ET Disclosure, ET Intelligence, Events, Extraterrestrial Life, Flying Saucers, Free Energy, Grant Cameron, HICE, Human Initiated Contact Experience, Kosta Makreas, NASA, Position Papers, sightings, spirituality, Stephen Bassett, UFO, UFO Cover-up, UFO Retreat, UFOContact, UFOs, Victor Viggiani, Video
Elizabeth Truthwin (Galactic Roundtable) interviews our outstanding panel of presenters at the Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Consciousness Connection retreat in Toronto.  Enjoy the clarity and passion, integrity and vision shared, giving the audience a taste of  the unique nature of what to expect at this important seminal event.     Danny Sheehan on How We Generate […]

Cosmic Vision News talks to

Author: UFOContact Crew
Resource: Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure, Citizens Hearing, Conscienceness, Daniel Sheehan, ET Contact, ET Disclosur, ET Disclosure, ET Intelligence, Events, Extraterrestrial Life, Grant Cameron, Kosta Makreas, Stephen Bassett, UFOContact, Victor Viggiani
  A warm welcome to the community to our new affiliate, GEOFFREY WEST of COSMIC VISION NEWS!  On July 11, Geoffrey’s broadcast featured important details about our August 2014 conference/retreat (37.30 marker)–news-around-upon-within-and-beyond-our-planet Many thanks for the great work you’re doing in alternative media! Geoffrey offers news, commentary and occasional discussion about the […]

We’re not alone. Never have been.

Author: UFOContact Crew
Resource: Conscienceness, ET Contact, ET Intelligence, Events, Extraterrestrial Life, Human Initiated Contact Experience, UFO Retreat, UFOContact
In a recently published article, the website discussing the latest SETI programs, it would seem that we are finally past the ‘Are there Aliens’ ? controversy and clearly into the where are they and how do we connect to Extra-Terrestrial civilizations. Also found in the article is a large survey indicating that almost 90 […]

Daniel Sheehan talks Today’s Reality

Author: Laurie Rosenfield
Resource: Daniel Sheehan, ET Intelligence, Grant Cameron, UFO, UFO Retreat, UFOContact, Video
 Who Needs Conspiracies? Let’s keep digging for the truth of our reality! DANIEL SHEEHAN ADDRESSES THE THE COMING GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS AND THE RISE OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE   Danny is part of the team and will be a featured speaker at our Toronto Retreat, with Grant Cameron, Kosta Makreas, Stephan Bassett and […]

Beatles, Nobel Prizes and UFO’s with Grant Cameron

Author: Laurie Rosenfield
Resource: Conscienceness, ET, ET Contact, ET Intelligence, Extraterrestrial Life, Grant Cameron, Interviews, UFO, UFOs
In this fascinating interview with Linda Irwin of Unseen World, Grant Cameron shares details of his latest research into the consciousness connection between matter existing in all dimensional realities. Awarded the International Researcher of the Year at the 2012 Leeds UFO conference, and the Researcher of the Year at the 2013 International UFO Congress in […]

The UFO “Code of Silence” and Why Breaking this Taboo is So Important.

Author: Joseph Burkes MD
Resource: Conscienceness, Contact Worker, Dr. Joseph Burkes, ET, ETLetsTalk, Flying Saucers, UFO, UFOContact
  The UFO “Code of Silence” and Why Breaking this Taboo is So Important. Joseph Burkes MD 2014 OMERTA: a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about illegal activities. I grew up in the lower west side of Manhattan in the 1950s. Little Italy was a […]


Author: Kosta Gus Makreas
Resource: ET Contact, Kosta Makreas, UFO, UFOContact
Welcome to! I’m Kosta Makreas, Co-founder of and Founder of the “Global HICE ET Contact” Initiative (Human Initiated Contact Experience). So, why have you come here and what may we offer to you? We believe you are one of the 2 out of 3 people worldwide who accept the fact or are open-minded […]

Living in a world run by “sociopaths” is no longer a viable option

Author: Joseph Burkes MD
Resource: ET, Free Energy, Position Papers, UFO, UFO Cover-up, UFOContact, UFOs
We can and will have planetary unity based on peace and justice and not the insane greed and selfishness of the oligarchies that control us. I believe that the UFO question is the key to finding solutions to planetary problems that often seem insurmountable. The challenge is to create a social movement that can accomplish […]
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